Madrid, 23rd - 27th of June




Hotel Conveción, Madrid
C / O'Donnell, 53
28009 Madrid
Phone +34 925 28 98 00
Fax +34 925 28 98 28

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To know more about Hotel Convención:

hotel building


hotel building


The Organizing Committee has already booked a number of rooms, both single and double, at the Hotel Convención. However, if you do not want to be lodged at the Hotel Convención you may book another hotel by yourself. In this case, please book your room well in advance because end of June is a busy time in Madrid.


By car from Barajas Airport:
Distance from Hotel Convención: 16 km.
Estimated drive time: 15-20 min.

Public transportation from Barajas Airport to Hotel Convención. You have 3 possibilities:

1) Take an Airport bus (yellow color) to Hotel Convención.
Hotel Convención is 200 metres from the 24-hour Airport Bus stop.

2) Take the subway to Nuevos Ministerios metro station and then to O`Donnell metro station. Hotel Convención is 10-minute of O’Donnell Metro station.

3) Take a taxi to Hotel Convención (about 25-30 euros)